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    Continuing the influence and impact that Frank had on his community and loved ones around him.

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    The olympian? The entrepreneur? The family man?

    Born in Delaware, Frank Masley pushed the boundaries of expectations placed upon him and in the process inspiring others to do the same. Read More.

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    His family carries the torch.​

    Frank was deeply invested in his community, the loved ones around him, and his passions. Frank's family plans to continue his legacy.

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    We've received several touching stories from people that Frank impacted.

    - Bonny Simi

    There were several dozen of Frank's fellow luge teammates, coaches, officials and volunteers (as well as 100's of other family and friends), who gathered at Masley Enterprises to share "Frank Stories" about how he had changed all our lives for the better. Frank brought us all together as athletes over 30 years ago, and he still is a common thread in our lives even now. Though some of had not seen each other since 1984 or 1988, we shared smiles and hugs as if we were still in the start house at the top of the Lake Placid track.

    We will all miss Frank, though we will never forget him, and we will always aspire to "Be Like Frank".

    - Jim Rudicil

    Frank simply made a significant difference in this world and we are all better people for having known him. I celebrated his life the next best way I could think of and that was writing this post trackside along the Frank's Bank curve of the Muskegon Luge Track. The Muskegon Luge Track stands today as a monument and testimony of Frank's giving nature and engineering talents. This track would not exist today if it was not for Frank. The paths of so many including myself, would be so different without Franks contributions here. For me as a person I will forever work a little harder and care a little more because of Frank. Every kid that gets their first taste of the Olympic dream during their first run down our track it will be because of Frank! Every Muskegon Luge athlete that has the opportunity to compete on a national team will be because of Frank! Today we remember and celebrate you Frank, tomorrow we carry on with your spirit and the mission of making this world a better place!

    - Laurie A. Curl

    So very proud to be sporting my latest wrist accessory: Olympic Superman, Be Like Frank, red white & blue to honor Frank Masley. As a result I got noticed at Longwood & spoke proudly of ya'll today stating how much I yearn to learn more about melanoma. Cannot forget the green one with the incredibly awesome Ashland Nature Society & teaching the children. These are the things that I support & have/will shape me, thank you.

    - Pat Patterson

    Yesterday’s celebration for Frank was a rare moment of reflection on what I want to be. Granted, many people found inspiration from the Masley’s especially over the past 6 months, and even over the course of their relationship with Frank and Donna and found inspiration for themselves, but yesterday boiled it down hard to an exhausting emotional shake-of-the-shoulders.


    It would never be Frank’s style to shake you by the shoulders. For me, that was me and God having a timely discussion about my life and what He wants from me. Staring up at the crucifix at Saint Mary Magdalen yesterday and thinking about Frank’s life all I could hear was God saying – “I will put all the examples you need in front of you, the rest is up to you.”


    Thank you Frank, Donna Masley, Dean, Steven, Paige for the opportunity to celebrate Franks life yesterday and for sharing Frank's example.

    The kids and I purchased a memory brick for Frank to support our elementary school  of St Mary Magdalen school. The school is located across the street from our home- I walk over frequently to touch the Brick and whisper "Il Love You" to my Olympic Superman.


    The kids and I purchased a memory brick for Frank to support our elementary school of

    St Mary Magdalen School. The school is located across the street from our home- I walk over frequently to touch the Brick and whisper "I Love You" to my Olympic Superman.

    USA Luge :

    Frank inducted into Hall of Fame

    Frank Masley Champion Award 2016


    Frank Masley becomes the first member of the new USA Luge Hall of Fame US flagbearer and 3-time Olympian inducted posthumously LAKE PLACID, N.Y. - USA Luge has announced the creation of a Hall of Fame, and Olympian Frank Masley, was posthumously made its first inductee. Masley, who succumbed to cancer in September at the age of 56, was the first of three United States flagbearers in the luge team’s history. The USA Luge Hall of Fame was founded in this two-time Winter Olympic village at a location to be determined. Masley, of Wilmington, Del., led the entire U.S delegation into the 1984 Opening Ceremony in Sarajevo. He was a member of three Olympic teams and won 10 national championships in his career. Masley is widely recognized by past and present athletes as developing the year-round training regimen so as to compete at the elite international level. In a continuing tribute to his legacy, the yearly winners of the Norton National Championship will receive the Frank Masley Trophy to honor his achievements on and off the ice. Masley served in a number of key roles - he was a member of the National Luge Committee, the Chair of the National Team Committee, a member of the design committee for the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic track, the designer of the geometry for the team’s own start ramp in Lake Placid, the creator of the Muskegon luge track, and a consultant on the installation of the fiberglass track, also in Muskegon. The Hall of Fame initiative is a completely new effort for USA Luge. In recent months, the initial phase of a new policy was approved, creating a hall to honor America’s athletes, coaches and officials that have performed at an extraordinary level and/or helped propel the sport to new levels. The year 2017 will see the Hall of Fame Committee chosen. After expanding the details outlined in the initial work, the committee will target future inductees beginning in 2018. The approval of the Frank Masley Trophy and the establishment of a Hall of Fame are two initiatives that make tangible the legacy of a world class athlete whose vision of training and competing were ahead of its time. As the criteria for induction evolves – be it athletic performance, character and leadership, and contributions off the ice – the USA Luge Board of Directors felt that Frank would be a superb choice. To that end, the Board also approved a request by acclamation that the first and only charter member of the Hall of Fame, so inducted with this announcement, will be Frank Masley. At the recent World Cup races held in Lake Placid, the International Luge Federation (FIL) presented Frank’s wife, Donna Masley, with a hand-made sculpture of a luge athlete in action. It has only been given on two other occasions in the history of the FIL and is presented to someone who has made a significant impact on the sport over multiple decades. The award was presented to Mrs. Masley on December 3, 2016 by Svein Romstad, FIL General Secretary. For more information on the Fastest Sport on Ice®, log on to www.usaluge.org # # #



    Holy Angels Elementary School honors Frank


    October 2016- Holy Angels Elementary School hosted a first every alumni night . Frank was honored at this event (as one of our alumni). Frank attended this school and was Alter Boy for the church.

    Ursuline Academy has Fun in the Sun



    Paige's classmates created #StayShady event to raise awareness of safety in the sun


    The Lumen chapter of the National Art Honor Society has devoted itself to supporting the BeLikeFrank Foundation in honor of Mr. Frank Masley, father of NAHS senior, Paige Masley. The chapter held a STAY SHADY event on April 26TH, 2017.

    . The StayShady event was a beach day at UA where students learned the correct way to stay protected from the UV rays of the sun. Beach towels and hats were sold to support the BeLikeFrank foundation. Students reserved their "spot" on the UA beach (front lawn) and enjoyed the sun safely during their lunch and open periods. A special thanks to Donna Masley who offered personal inspiration to the students today.

    UA presented Paige with a check at her Senior Awards ceremony for BeLikeFrank foundation from the earnings raised at StayShady event. Looking forward to continuing this legacy.

    March 2017

    Announcement of Frank Masley Scholarship Fund at

    DelTech Community College

    The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce annual Legislative Brunch & Manufacturing Conference announced at the event of the establishment of Frank Masley Memorial Scholarship Program, to support students pursuing careers in engineering, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship.

    The scholarship honors the late Frank Masley of Masley Enterprises, and his perseverance, commitment to excellence, and many achievements.

    Frank received his Civil Engineering degree from Del Tech with classmate, now President of Del Tech - Mark Brainard.


    Donations to the endowment fund can be made by check made payable to the DTCC Educational Foundation

    (‘Frank Masley Memorial Scholarship’ in the memo line), P.O. Box 897, Dover, DE 19903;

    or online at www.dtcc.edu/makeagift (‘Frank Masley Memorial Scholarship’ in Special Donor Instructions box).





    Carry On Frank's Spirit and his Olympic Superman Legacy with his BeLikeFrank Baseball Cap

    contact Donna@militarygloves.com and make a $25 donation






  • Updates

    Continuing Frank's Passion

    August 12, 2018
    The Partnership, Inc is continuing to support Frank's belief that education is the key to our youth's success. BeLikeFrank Foundation has made it's 2nd contribution to this organization that prepares students for the workforce via educational programs. Thank You Delaware State Chamber of Commerce...
    August 11, 2018
    BeLikeFrank Foundation has made it's 2nd year contribution to moving for Melanoma. Last years walk was a success with the support of family and friends. Help us honor our Frank!! Register at               https://raceroster.com/events/2018/16707/moving-for-melanoma-delaware-5k-201              ...
    December 14, 2017
    September 2017 Frank's love of the Sport of Luge extended to Muskegon Luge Club in Muskegon, Michigan. Frank designed the luge track in the Muskegon Park and helped dig the holes that planted the poles to support the wooden track. He loved this track and the Awesome group who run the Luge Complex...
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