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Reed's Refuge Center

Be Like Frank Foundation is thrilled to announce it's first donation to Reed's Refuge Center of Wilmington Delaware-

Donna and Frank met the Reeds when Masley Enterprises moved to the present factory site on Jessup Street. 

Reed's Refuge center, owned and operated by Fred and Cora Reed, is dedicated to providing a safe and positive outlet for Wilmington's Delaware inner city youth to explore and express their creative ability through instrumental and vocal instructions. 

The organization is committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the children financially challenged families of the inner city. This place is a safe haven from violence, drugs, guns and idle minds by helping the youth discover their creative potential. 

Cora Reed also owns and operates Reed to Learn Academy - daycare. 

Their motto "Seek Refuge in the Arts" 

View Reed's Refuge Music video created by Fred Reed and his team. The video speaks against the ongoing violence in the neighborhoods-it encourages youth to make positive choices. The video demonstrates that all kinds of people can live together. 

Note the business owner interviewing the young man- Donna Masley was honored to participate in the video. We promise, she does not sing.

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