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The Partnership, Inc

Delaware State Chamber of Commerce

The Partnership, Inc is continuing to support Frank's belief that education is the key to our youth's success.

BeLikeFrank Foundation has made it's 2nd contribution to this organization that prepares students for the workforce via educational programs.

Thank You Delaware State Chamber of Commerce for fostering The Partnership, Inc.

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The Partnership , Inc

Delaware State Chamber Of Commerce

August 9, 2017

To celebrate Masley Enterprises One Year Anniversary of receiving the prestigious Gilman Award from State Chamber of Commerce, a donation has been made in honor of Frank from his foundation to Partnership Inc..

This nonprofit organization is the affiliate of DSCC.This organization promotes charitable and educational activities by developing and fostering programs that encourage private sector involvement in workforce development and education.

Frank understood that it is vital for students to have skill sets to be ready to enter the workforce. Improved Education is the key to our youth's success.

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